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Catholic Vote will be sharing the results of this enormous survey with . . .

  • President Obama and his senior advisors
  • Members of Congress and their key staff
  • All 50 governors and all 7,382 state lawmakers
  • The nine Supreme Court Justices, and every federal judge
  • Federal judges in America
  • Reporters, journalists, and news media executives
  • Radio talk show hosts and newspaper columnists
  • Influential bloggers and news-oriented websites

We expect this survey of 5,000,000 Catholics to receive wide media coverage and the results to be studied carefully by America’s elected officials — including President Obama and Congress. 

The purpose of this survey is to . . .

1) Show the U.S. House of Representatives (which is under conservative majority control) that it would be very popular with voters if the House would just HALT all further taxpayer funding of ObamaCare -- which the House as the power under the Constitution to do right now (without approval from President Obama or the Senate);
2) Show America's 50 governors and 7,382  state lawmakers that it would be in their political interest to refuse to use one penny of state taxpayer money to pay for ObamaCare, including refusing to set up the ObamaCare "exchanges"; and . . .
3) Send a strong and clear message to every politician running for election or reelection in the 2014 mid-term Congressional Elections that the overwhelming majority of Catholic voters want ObamaCare repealed.
Please also be sure to complete the Important Donation Reply Section Below to help  fund this $14.3 MILLION Battle Plan I've described to you here to DISMANTLE ObamaCare.



Brian Burch, President


Dismantle Obamacare Survey
ObamaCare Survey Oct 2013
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