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STOP The Radical Anti-Catholic Left from Winning Majority Control of Congress in 2018 and Destroying the Trump Presidency

Why Your Voter Registration Confirmation & Pledge To Vote Are So Important

It's very important for you to complete this Catholic Voter Registration Survey and Pledge to Vote.

We hope to reach approximately 10 MILLION pro-life, pro-family eligible Catholics – many of whom are not registered to vote or often do not vote in elections.

We will use this important survey to . . .

1) Help us identify which pro-life Catholics are registered to vote and who is not registered to vote for the crucial 2018 Congressional Elections.

With your help and support, we aim to register 1.2 MILLION brand-new pro-life Catholic voters in the key battleground Senate race and districts in time for the 2018 Elections . . . and then make sure they actually vote;

2) Help target our voter registration and turnout resources in the key battleground states to maximize impact; and

3) Show America's elected officials (including members of Congress and 2018 candidates for Congress) how many pro-life, pro-family, pro-God Catholic voters there are in their states and districts, how energized we are to vote, and how strongly we feel about restoring the traditional moral and family values to public life that made America great. This is a big part of how we pressure Congress to pass enact President Trump's pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom agenda into law.

We estimate that more than 10,000,000 pro-life, pro-family Catholic adults are not now registered to vote and don't vote in elections. There's just no excuse for this – considering what's at stake in national elections. I know you agree.

That's why this 2018 Catholic Voter Registration Confirmation Survey & Pledge to Vote that we are sending to 10,000,000 pro-family, pro-life Catholic Americans is so important.

Your completion of this survey (and the information it will give us) will help CatholicVote identify who is registered to vote and not registered to vote so we can generate a record-shattering, pro-life Catholic voter turnout for the 2018 Elections. Please also be sure to complete the IMPORTANT DONATION REPLY section after you submit the survey.


Brian Burch
Brian Burch
President, CatholicVote

CRISIS SUMMARY: Since President Trump's election, we have seen a dramatic escalation of acts of violence and threats of violence directed at President Trump, his family, and those who disagree with the Left's anti-Catholic, anti-family, anti-freedom, pro-abortion agenda. Actress Kathy Griffin displayed an image of Donald Trump's decapitated head drenched in blood. Singer Madonna said she's "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House." Senator Tim Kaine is calling on Americans to "fight in the streets" against President Trump. One unhinged campaign worker for Bernie Sanders tried to assassinate Republican  members of Congress – gravely wounding Congressman Steve Scalise and several others. Some members of the media have said this assassination attempt against conservative members of Congress was "self-inflicted."

QUESTION #4: If the Left wins majority control of Congress in 2018 and then goes on to win the Presidency in 2020, how likely do you think it is that they will use the IRS, Justice Department, FBI, and powers of the federal government to target and destroy those who disagree with their far-Left anti-Catholic, anti-family, pro- abortion agenda for America?

BATTLE FOR THE COURTS SUMMMARY: So far, President Trump has followed through with his pledge to appoint pro-life conservative Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and lower federal courts.

PROGRAM SUMMARY: In 2016, CatholicVote made more than 77 MILLION contacts with eligible Catholic voters during the 2016 Election cycle, including . . .

  • Mailing more than 9,000,000 CATHOLIC VOTER EDUCATION packets and letters, explaining to Catholics how to register to vote and why it is so important to vote;
  • Sending more than 15,000,000 emails and text messages to eligible Catholic voters reminding them to register to vote and then to vote;
  • Making more than 25,000,000 contacts with eligible Catholic voters through our social media operations, including through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms; and
  • Broadcasting internet videos and text ads targeted specifically at Catholics that were seen by more than 28 MILLION eligible Catholic voters, with a special focus on the key battleground swing states.

We believe we can prove that our Catholic voter education, registration, and turnout operations in these heavily Catholic "Rust Belt" states – Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – made a decisive difference in these states.

CatholicVote will follow a similar strategy for the 2018 midterm Congressional Elections – targeting 8 battleground Senate race states and 19 key House race districts where increased pro-life, pro-family Catholic voter turnout can make the difference between victory and defeat in 2018.

QUESTION #7: What is your opinion of CatholicVote's Battle Plan for the 2018 midterm Congressional Elections that will decide whether or not the Left succeeds or fails at destroying the Trump Presidency and whether or not the America you love can be saved for your children and grandchildren?

2018 ELECTION PROJECT SUMMARY: Most immediately, CatholicVote is focused on registering 1.2 MILLION brand-new pro-life, pro-family Catholic voters in the 8 battleground Senate race states and 19 key House race districts we are targeting.